Production: avanti media plus
Director: Edda Baumann-von Broen
Year: 2019
Duration: 52 Minuten

Into the Night with Pamela Anderson and Srećko Horvat

Pamela Anderson, actress and fourteen times Playboy’s cover-girl, who has been an animal rights activist for a long time and whose socio-political commitment has attracted attention in recent years, meets Srećko Horvat, the young Croatian philosopher and co-founder of the DiEM25 movement, which is now competing in the European elections. On the occasion of the interdisciplinary Elevate Festival in Graz, they talk about climate protection, animal welfare and love. In the course of the evening, a very entertaining and enlightening discussion about political and private issues and a convincing plea for more commitment develops between the allegedly unequal couple.

Srećko Horvat picks up Pamela Anderson from the hotel. The first autograph hunter stalks himself on the way to the Graz Schlossberg. Anderson complains about the innumerable ugly photos that exist of her and ponders about bringing out a book with her worst photos herself.

The night begins with a gruesomely beautiful ride on the Grazer Märchenbahn deep into the mountain, which is particularly popular with Brothers Grimm fan Pamela Anderson. On the way across the architecturally spectacular Murinsel at sunset, they talk about Hugh Hefner and sex in the digital age. Both agree: monogamy is the real revolution.

The limo is already waiting to drive them to the opening event of the Elevate Festival in Orpheum Graz, where preparations are still in full swing. Here they meet the Nigerian environmentalist Nnimmo Bassey and winner of the alternative Nobel Prize “Right Livelihood Award” and talk to him about environmental activism in Africa. Anderson speaks very specifically and well-informed with Bassey about the problems of reforestation in Africa, while Horvat deals with the bigger picture.

“Only together are we strong and can shape the future we want,” Bassey said later during his appearance. As the star guest of the evening, Pamela Anderson then enters the stage, who speaks openly about her path from pin-up girl to activist in front of a crowded and tense hall. Srećko Horvat then agrees and together they explain the need to take action.

Afterwards, enjoy a late dinner at the vegan restaurant Gingko Greenhouse, which is only open to you. To Anderson’s great surprise, Horvat is now also becoming an autograph hunter: All of his sisters and his brother-in-law would like autographs from the ex-Baywatch star.

The last location of the evening is the Graz double spiral staircase, built around 1500. On this evening it seems to be a symbol of the discrepancy between thinking and acting in the area of ​​environmental and human rights and an appeal to reconcile the two. Pamela Anderson and Srećko Horvat run towards each other on the twin spiral staircase, only to move away from each other and finally to say goodbye, exhausted and inspired.