Production: avanti media plus
Directors: Hasko Baumann and Edda Baumann-von Broen
Year: 2018
Duration: 52 minutes

Into the Night with Oskar Roehler and Lars Eidinger

Two enfants terribles, fearless in their work, spent a night marked by admiration and irritation in Berlin together and challenge the boundaries of political correctness. Between the acclaimed star of “Schaubühne” and film actor Lars Eidinger and the controversial director and writer Oskar Roehler a lively exchange about political responsibility and the creation of one’s own artistic identity unfolds.

They met two years ago when the director invited the actor for a casting for his planned Fassbinder film. According to Eidinger, “it was love at first sight”. Roehler, the intellectual lone wolf, Eidinger, the instinctive emotional person, who has been a member of the Berlin “Schaubühne” ensemble since 1999, both restless in their creativity and multi-talented – an evening among equally talented, like-minded people. One thinks. But the evening becomes a challenge. There is a rift in German society that also has its impact on the German cultural landscape. He’s rather right-wing, says the ingenious filmmaker and author early that night. Eidinger appears to be irritated, but gets deeper into the topic.

On the way to the “Diener Tattersall”, once Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s favourite pub, the political discussion intensifies. Eidinger wants to share his wealth, Roehler counters: “As an artist you already share enough.” While eating sausages and aspic, the two get closer together again. You should always ask where one comes from, Roehler warns, “not just the Syrian refugee.”

In the studio of video artist John Bock they talk about artistic influences and directors they admire. Roehler and Bock discover their mutual love for the dark and decide to produce a remake of “American Psycho” before the evening heats up in a billiard pub: Here the former “Burgtheater” actor Oliver Masucci, who played Adolf Hitler in the movie “Er ist wieder da” (“He’s back”), awaits them and challenges Eidinger – not only politically.